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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

I started training with Rafael around late January as I was seeking some training and nutritional guidance and had seen great reviews from people who train/have trained with him.

Getting in great shape before my 30th birthday was my primary goal alongside building confidence in the gym, learning new exercises and working on my form with certain exercises. I also wanted to ensure I was fuelling my body correctly and working on my mindset which Rafael has been incredibly helpful with. During this time I have dropped body fat, increased lean muscle mass, learnt a lot and feel more confident in the gym.

I can’t speak highly enough of him as both a person and a personal trainer. He has extensive experience in his field, an abundance of knowledge and has always shown up when I’ve had questions or even just to check up on me. He truly cares about his craft and the people he works with.

I highly recommend Rafael to anyone who wishes to improve their health, wellbeing, training and achieve their goals along the way!


When I started with Raf, I was holding onto the COVID excuse (and the kgs) with 0 motivation to get my act together. Since working together for the past year, we’ve been through multiple lockdowns, mandated home isolation, and season-ending sports injuries just to name a few. 

Despite all that, Raf’s focus on showing up and being consistent has meant I’ve lost 11.4% body fat, -13.8kg of fat mass, and i’ve  gained 6.5kg of lean muscle mass.
This is because Raf isn’t focused on ball-busting sessions that make you want to vomit or quick tactics to lose weight – Raf takes a long-term approach, where he’s gotten me to chip away and form good habits over time. He is also super adaptable to what else I have going on – when I’m on a high, we push through and build on that momentum. When I’m on a low, we rely on the process to get us through. 
My confidence in the gym has absolutely sky-rocketed too. If you’re looking for a PT without the ego, focuses on your goals, and is attentive with your workouts, don’t go past Raf. 
You won’t regret it.

Rafael exhibits a simplified and inspiring approach to training. It’s a real down to earth and no fuss approach which clearly achieves results!

Since working with Rafael I have been able to regain motivation and consistency to maintain a balanced lifestyle. The fundamental work that is put into the exercise and nutrition facets of my lifestyle has really paved the way for me to also get the desired balance in the work and social facets of my lifestyle. I’ve enjoyed seeing my body and mindset transform and transcend.

I’ve been able to train with more awareness of my technique and as a result am seeing the benefits with the transformation of my body composition. I’ve felt a enhanced level of consistency and motivation since training with Rafael which I was struggling to achieve beforehand.

Rafael is a great partner to have working with you. He is highly knowledgeable and honest, delivering the hard truth – which believe me, you’ll benefit from it in more ways than you can imagine! I highly recommend him if you’re looking to find motivation or achieve your specific training goals.


I have seen Raffy for a number of years on and off – mainly when I’m returning from injury, in need of a training ‘reset’ or looking to achieve a specific physical goal.

Most recently I approached Raf to reset my diet with a view getting myself as fit as possible within a 12 week period. Raf’s knowledge of my body coupled with experimenting throughout the journey allowed him to tailor my food perfectly and with regular check-ins and daily motivation from Raf I was able to stay focussed, disciplined and on track.

I couldn’t be happier with the results and how I feel inside and out. I can’t recommend Raffy highly enough to anyone looking for a PT regardless of age or fitness levels. His passion shines through in what he does and the results he achieves for his clients speak for themselves.

I look forward to working with him again in 2021 and beyond.

I cannot speak highly enough of Raffy. He has helped me immensely with proper technique and muscle activation and effectively changed the way I train for the better. I am now much more confident to tackle the gym and training on my own and genuinely look forward to my sessions.

Throw in the fact that he is also a really genuine person and fills the role of life coach / therapist when required too!

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their training and get results.


Initially, I began working with Raffy to recover from an injury that required back surgery. However, since starting, he has gone above and beyond what I was expecting; I felt his support outside our sessions was valuable enough to continue our relationship.

We have now been training together for 9 months with no thought of stopping. He has helped me improve my technique and training methods which given me the confidence to lift heavier without the fear of injury. In addition, I have also adopted the personalised food program Raffy provided, which has shown me a number of new nutritious options that I have now incorporated into my everyday life and long term lifestyle choices.

Through my experience so far, I’ve managed to increase my lean muscle mass by +5.2kg and my BF% has dropped by 3.6%.

Not only is Raffy highly knowledgeable in the gym during our sessions but his service also provides a tailored training program for when aren’t in your one on one, nutrition education and eating plans plus general motivation for the rest of the week. I would highly recommend training with Raffy, it has been one of the best health-related decisions I have ever made. and invested in.


I began my weight loss journey at the start of 2016 after several years of yo-yo weight loss and gain I knew something had to change. After hearing about the amazing work Raffy has done I decided to see for myself.

The first session with Raffy wasn’t what I expected, we sat down and set goals for 6 weeks. From there it was working out a meal plan and what small gradual changes outside of the gym that I could do to achieve my overall goal.

I took what Raffy said to heart and 6 weeks later I had lost 9kgs I was astounded, I couldn’t believe it was that easy. Now 12 Months later I’m down almost 45Kg with a new positive outlook on life. I’ve never felt better in my life and I owe it to Raffy, his support both in and out of the gym has been amazing and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Bring on this year and the next challenge.


I initially started training with Raf to lose a bit of weight for my sisters wedding. I had been in holiday mode for more than a few months after my holiday had finished and I was tired of feeling unfit and self-conscious about my body. It had been many years since I was in good shape even though I was somewhat active doing group fitness classes at the gym and playing basketball. I started strength weight training with Raf once a week, but within a couple of months I increased to twice a week because I was really enjoying our training sessions and could see and feel the progress we were making.

Raf tailored both a nutrition and training plan to fit my goals and lifestyle which were both realistic and flexible. I never felt restricted or deprived, and always felt I could trust the process, his recommendations and advice. I asked a lot of questions and he gave straight up answers – no B.S. which is what I prefer. His advice and understanding also extends beyond the gym, as he is always supportive and adaptable around my feelings, work schedule, fatigue and other life activities or issues that come up. He is a great personal trainer and knows when to push you and when to pull back to take full advantage of training and recovery.

Over the last year of training with Raf I have had steady and consistent fat loss and have reduced my body fat by 12% and fat mass by 12kg, while increasing my strength and lean mass. My balance, energy levels and recovery have all dramatically increased also. When we started training I struggled doing a basic lunge, now I feel confident in all areas of the gym and especially enjoy lifting.

I would recommend Raf to any one looking for a health and fitness program that actually works. No fad diets, long hours of cardio or things you don’t like doing. His positive outlook, supportive nature and extensive knowledge gets the job done and it’s definitely a lot of fun.

A big thanks to you Raf! I really look forward to continuing our training, setting new goals and staying on track for the long term.


I have known and trained with Raf on and off for over 6 years. Despite playing team sports throughout my life, I have struggled with loosing and maintaining weight which is when I would turn to Raf for help.

Most recently I participated in an 8 week Challenge through Goodlife Health Clubs in which Raf helped me lose 7 kilograms or just over 10% of my weight. I have no doubt in my mind without Raf support with my training, diet plan and continuance in holding me accountable these are results I wouldn’t have achieved.

Upon writing this testimonial it gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I enjoy most about Raf’s personal training style and to summarise it most definitely comes down to two things.
1. His holistic approach to health and wellbeing. He focuses on all aspects of a person from nutrition and mental health to rest and physical activity.
2. Secondly, on a more personal level Raf’s personality is fantastic and adds to the respect I have built for him. Whilst he is very easy to get along with during training and nutrition reflection he is authoritative yet not demeaning and explains the “why” behind what he is doing.

To close, I could not recommend a personal trainer higher and look forward to setting new goals and continuing to work with Raf.


I have been working with Rafael for six months. My goal was to lose weight to attend my friend’s wedding.

Rafael is a great motivator and has challenged me to push my personal boundaries. He has tailored my workouts and meal plans to suit my individual needs and wants. Training is fun and I actually now enjoy going to the gym. The sessions are challenging and while Rafael uses many methods and techniques no two sessions are the same but the structure of the sessions proves results do come and are achievable.

While working with Raf I have learnt to believe in myself and that to succeed I do not have to spend hours in the gym while focusing on quality rather than quantity. By adopting this new lifestyle I have been able to achieve results that I have been unable to achieve from attempts over the years with previous trainers.

Thanks to Raf’s encouragement, support and approachable attitude I have achieved not only my goal but a sustainable, healthy lifestyle I would recommend Rafael to anyone who seriously wants to improve their health and fitness.

Thanks Rafael
Brian Smith


My weight has always fluctuated but with 4 months until my wedding and the thought of 100’s of photos being snapped on the day, I decided to enlist the support and guidance of Raffy.

I thought I was signing up for the standard exercise program and suggested meal plan but what I ended up getting was increased awareness to many aspects of my life that came under the umbrella of ‘health’. All of a sudden I was thinking not only about what I put in my mouth and how I had trained in the gym but I was also thinking about how well I slept and if I was in control of my stress. For me, a more holistic focus to training was paramount.

In four months I was able to loose 5kg of weight, increase my lean mass by 6kgs and decrease my body fat percentage by 11%. I was able to walk down the aisle a confident, energetic and happy bride. Thanks Raffy!!


Second GLHC 12 Week Challenge
I have trained with Rafael for over two years and have noticed amazing results during this time. I have felt the strongest and healthiest in my life and cannot thank him enough for the wealth of knowledge I have gained through our training sessions.

Each workout is challenging, motivating and creative. Raffy provides an individual approach towards his clients and tailors each session towards an end goal. For me personally the highlight of my fitness journey was winning the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge for Fortitude Valley in 2015. It has been a year since the challenge ended and with ongoing training and clean eating I have kept the weight off and stayed in shape. Raffy provided nutritional meal plans and gym programs with a mixture of weight training and HIIT. This combination has really shown proven results for me which is testament towards Raffy’s wealth of knowledge, professionalism and passion for what he does.

I couldn’t recommend Raffy more highly. An investment in a personal trainer is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

First GLHC 12 Week Challenge
With Raffy’s help, I decided to do the 12 week challenge and lost an amazing 6 kilos, my girths dropped 32.5cm’s and my body fat was down by 10%. He was there to guide me every step of the way from writing a structured training program in addition to a nutritional meal plan. Raffy is a wealth of knowledge and certainly knows his stuff! I am proud to say I won the 2015 “12 Week Challenge” for my gym Goodlife Fortitude Valley which was an amazing accomplishment and I couldn’t have done it without the support of such a professional and knowledgeable personal trainer.

Not only has my health and fitness improved more than I ever thought possible; I am feeling so much stronger. Raffy keeps me motivated and on track every PT session with a variety of exercises that are challenging yet enjoyable.

I would recommend Rafael David to anyone. He has helped me to change my life for the best.


Goodlife 12 Week Challenge 2015 (Winner) + 2016

My weight loss journey began in the middle of February of 2015 at a weight of 127kg’s. I started losing weight on my own and realised towards the end of April after losing around 8kg’s that I would need help if I wanted to keep going.

In come’s Raf. From the get go I knew he would be a great trainer for me, creating a detailed nutrition plan and staying in close contact to make sure I was staying on track. My sessions in the gym with Raf were far beyond what I had expected when I originally signed up for a PT. We didn’t just do reps/sets we discussed how my food was going and how to make improvements with my week, it just made my 45 minutes sessions something I looked forward to every week. By November, with Raf’s help, I managed to lose another 28kg’s and I’m currently under 90kg’s for the first time in close to 9 years.

This was a long and hard journey that has made me feel more confident in myself and completely changed my attitude towards life, and I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and training from Raf. I am now beginning to train towards a body shape instead of a weight, something I never thought I would achieve.

Thanks Raf I look forward to seeing how far we can continue going together.


I started training with Rafael around 3 months ago. I’d been slogging it out at the gym for years and felt stuck in a rut and wanted to try something different. I was cautious at first as I had been with trainers before but didn’t get the results I was after.

I was pleasantly surprised Rafael provided a training plan, diet plan and ongoing email/ phone support. The gym sessions are more than just sets and reps as we discuss what I am doing inside and outside of the gym to ensure I stay on track with my goals. Rafael provides a holistic approach to my health and fitness which also influences the lifestyle choices and decision’s I make outside of the gym.

I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied with my results so far, which include -7% body fat and I have also dropped 6.2kg of fat mass. With Rafael’s support I am motivated and ready to keep going to achieve my next goal. I would recommend Rafael to anyone who wants to get real results.


I have been training with Raf for over 3 Months now and I cannot believe how far I have come in this time. I expected to lose a little weight but have far exceeded my own expectations! I’ve lost 9.1kg and 11.2% of body fat in this period.

I started to train with Raf as I realised I lacked the motivation and experience to lose the weight solo. Each week I have a PT session with Raf and we go through a 45 min gym session, every week is different and I have always enjoyed these sessions, when in the past I lacked the experience and never enjoyed the gym.

Not only is Raf a great guy; he is also motivating, encouraging, observant to my capabilities and explains how each exercises will be effective to ensure you get the most out of the sessions.

With my personalised Training Program / Food Plan set by Raf, reaching my goal will not only be easy but fun at the same time.

I love my new healthy lifestyle and preparing my meals each day. Thanks to my weight loss I have gained confidence and have a lot more energy day to day.

Thanks Raf and I can’t wait to reach my end goal!


After going through the motions at the gym on and off for years and getting nowhere I knew I was doing something wrong. I decided I needed a PT to get results and Raffy had the credentials I was looking for.

Raffy tailored a nutrition and work out plan that suited me and my fly in fly out lifestyle. I was eating more then I was before and working out to a more structured plan. I entered the ASN 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge at 124kg and finished at 113kg whilst gaining 9.2 kg in lean muscle and dropping 13.3kg of fat!. I won first prize for Brisbane and could not have done it without Raffy’s guidance.

Raffy taught me that nutrition and training technique is paramount and his constant support online and assistance in injury prevention got me through. I now have the knowledge and confidence to further achieve my goals. If you want results, you can’t go past Raffy.


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I started training with Raffy in November 2012. My main goal was to get into shape and lose the fat for my milestone birthday. Raffy helped me with my diet (clean eating) and gym program which consist of heavy resistance work and HIIT cardio sessions.

Soon after I started my personalised program that Raffy had designed for me the results started coming. The weight dropped off, in 4 months I was able to drop 8KGs and my lean muscle increased at the same time. I also went from a size 14 to 10 and just recently i’ve also been able to purchase my first pair of size 8 leather pants! When I really think about it, it wasn’t all that hard. His commitment and dedication towards his clients is second to none. He is always there when you are struggling and not feeling great about your training or food. Rafael is quick to get you motivated and back on track. Raffy has taught me how to balance my food and training so I get the results I want.

I still let myself indulge at times and when I do I know I just have to train that little harder. I couldn’t have gotten this far without his constant support. If you want results Raffy is your man!!


My weight loss journey started with me weighing 116kgs and wearing a size 22/24. At my last weigh in I was 72kgs and now wear a size 12/14. I am three quarters of the way to reaching my goal and I would not have achieved (and continue to achieve) the results I have without the help and expertise of RDPT.

Raff’s consistent encouragement and motivational emails have kept & continue to keep me on track especially when I want to give up. Raffy has nurtured my belief in myself and continually reminds me of where I have come from and keeps me focused on the finish line. The most valuable lessons I have learnt from Raffy are to be patient & consistent with my eating & training plan. Any body transformation should be viewed as a marathon not a sprint…

If you want real results and a nice, committed trainer, I suggest you contact RDPT asap! I couldn’t be happier with the guidance and support he has given me.


I found Raffy to be the most dedicated trainer i have ever dealt with. I really liked the fact that he practices what he preaches, whereas in the past, I noticed a lot of the other PT’s going against the grain. It wasn’t just the 30min session, I had full email and phone support throughout the whole week.

Although I thought I knew everything there was about training, fact is I had never been in the kind of shape I was in when I completed the 12 week challenge with Raffy. I liked his style of training and he pushed me hard, but he could also see when I genuinely couldn’t be pushed to do another rep and would allow me stop so I wouldn’t injure myself.

Even two years on, we are still using the term “The Raff Diet” which is the simple meat and vegetable 6 x a day plan. I couldn’t recommend Raffy highly enough. If you want to make some serious changes in your life, he is your man!


As an I.T. Professional who has spent the majority of my adult life glued to a monitor, I knew I needed serious help if I was going to get back on the right side of the 100kg mark. Then in steps Rafael and the 12 Week Challenge of 2011 that turned my life around. With Raf’s professional and personal guidance the challenge forced me to get up from my desk and exercise, as well as prepare healthy food instead of getting fast food. Once I started seeing the positive changes in myself and as the kilos dropped off I began to look forward to Raf’s sessions instead of dreading a week of aching of muscles and the inability to use stairs.

I ended up coming first as the best Fortitude Valley Goodlife male for the 12 Week Challenge, something that would have been unimaginable if it wasn’t for Rafael’s ability to push me to my limits – but not over them. His attentiveness and personalisation is what I really appreciate, I have never felt like just another random client.

Raffy is also very knowledgeable in nutrition (and balanced eating!) and I have always found these discussions to be helpful in making the right decisions for keeping the weight off. Basically, if you’re serious about losing weight or taking your body to the next level then Raffy is your man!



Thin girls look good in clothes, fit girls look good naked!

Rarely do you find someone with the education, experience, dedication, and professionalism in any profession, let alone personal training. Rafael has not only met my every expectation, but has surpassed them. Having previously danced at an almost professional level i knew what my body was capable of, but after suffering injury i spent years doing very little physical activity with minimal thought about the fuel my body required.

I was reserved about taking action in getting a personal trainer but having had no experience with gym equipment I decided that professional guidance was necessary. I have always been slim but a slight frame doesn’t mean fit or healthy. Not only was I keen to tone and sculpt my body, I was at a point where I needed life changing action!

My sessions continue to be challenging and fun. Rafael has changed my life and more importantly how I view myself. I’m more confident, happier and stress free, the last few months have been a complete turning circle in my personal and professional life and I believe it’s been influenced by my new positive and healthy approach to how I live.

It is without reservation that I recommend Rafael David as a personal trainer. Allow me to state that I do not furnish recommendation letters lightly, but with Rafael I overwhelmingly felt compelled to do so.


What else can I say about this man that has not already been said! After completing the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge (with Raffy as my PT), I lost 15.6kg. He quickly taught me the “70% diet – 30% gym” rule and I realised I had it completely upside down. After changing a few small things with the tips from training and the constant emails, certainly put me in a good position early on.

If you want real advice and real results, contact Raffy, it’s as simple as that!



From beginner to advanced strength and fitness levels, Rafael David Personal Training can help achieve your goals.

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