This is a shoutout to all my fellow personal trainers, allied health community and friends who run a small business.

We are all in this together and have faith that once this is all over we will all bounce back together and we will be there for our clients and community when more then ever they will be looking for us to care for their health, fitness & wellbeing.

It’s going to be a rough period, no one is getting out of this without being kicked in the teeth. So let’s use this opportunity to change our actions, tone, thoughts, and energy. Instead of telling ourselves it’s all bad, ask ourselves. “How can I come back from this, and how can I be the best version that I’m capable of being so that I can serve those around me.”

There is and will be plenty of opportunities out there for us all, let’s work together and keep building each other up through this time and beyond – We got this!

A bigger shout out to the service personnel and medical professionals out there working around the clock keeping us safe and sound through this time. Thank you. 🙏🏽💙