Here is my contribution to my community and for the masses who are at home in quarantine but just aren’t sure how to exercise without a gym. This is for you so that you can keep up your fitness and you can continue to train at home. Which we all know is proven to have a positive carry-over effect for your body, wellbeing and mental health.

Give it a go at home, let know how you go and if you have any suggestions or recommendations let me know and I’ll do my best to create a training program on here for you – enjoy and stay safe.

RDPT – Home Work Out Series: Program 01

5 Exercises: Full Body Workout (no equipment)

A1) T Push-Ups: 3x8es T:2101 R:60sec (*es: each side)

B1) 3-Way BW Lunge: 3x6es T:2101 R:60sec

C1) Prone Pulldown w/Hip Add-Abduction: 3×10 T:1311 R:60sec (*stole this from @tonygentilcore)

D1) Bird-Dog: 3x5es T:2121 R:60sec

E1) Turkish Get-Up: 3x5es T:1010 R:30sec

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